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Enjoy the Outdoors with Patio Seating

Since your patrons will be sitting for most of the time they spend at your restaurant, the tables and chairs where they'll be sitting definitely matter. At Webcoat, you'll find high-quality and stylish seating for an outdoor area of your restaurant or café. This is the perfect way to help your guests enjoy the weather or to utilize an outdoor space to increase your capacity.

Click on our numerous table and chair options to learn more about them. If you are ready to order or would like to learn more, find a representative local to your area by contacting us by phone at (800) 505-5101 or through our website.

Stylish Outdoor Patio Seating

If you have a chic café or a nice restaurant, we have outdoor table and chair combinations that will match your atmosphere. Our round and square utility tables are sturdy and durable, yet they have a sleek and stylish design to fit a classy space.

The round tables come in three sizes, while the square option is offered in one standard size. We also have a round café table with a small top just right to hold coffee and a pastry.

You can pair our separate chairs with any of our tables. The chairs stack to help you put them away at night. We have three different chair options to choose from, including curved chairs for comfort and posture, but they all have a similar style to fit the tables.

Each of our restaurant tables comes in sleek black and includes an umbrella hole to provide cover from the weather. All of our tables and chairs are made with coated metal, designed to withstand the outdoor elements and to last over time.

Casual Outdoor Seating

We also offer picnic tables, which can match the atmosphere of a casual restaurant, a food court or a café. This option can be convenient for your business because the seats are attached to the table, meaning that you won't have to straighten them or put them away, and they aren't at risk of being blown away in a storm or stolen.

For your outdoor patio seating, we offer two options: a round table with small round seats with no backs or a round table with larger square seats with backs. You can mount these tables to the ground or leave them mobile. These units are also made of coated metal that is strong and long lasting, and each one can hold an umbrella to provide shade and cover.

Ready to Get Started?

Browse our selection of outdoor restaurant seating to find the tables and chairs that fit your space. When you click on each one, you can learn more about its specifications.

When you're ready to order, or if you have questions first, contact us by phone at (800) 505-5101 or through our website to find a representative local to you.

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