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Bring the Beach to Your Park With Sandboxes From Webcoat

Kids love playing in sand at the beach. They build sand castles, bury their feet in the sand and shovel it into their buckets. When the beach is too far away, you can offer them a sandbox located at your park, playground, daycare center or other outdoor space. These boxes offer a safe place for children of all ages to play in as their parents can watch them from nearby.

Boxes for sand play from Webcoat have been manufactured with the strongest materials and sealed tight so the sand cannot pass through the seams. The materials will not bow out from the weight of the sand, even when the sand gets wet from rain or snow. The bright colors of the box will entice children to play and they can bring their toy bulldozers and cars along or build sculptures in the compact sand.

Webcoat’s Sandbox Offers Hours of Fun

Webcoat offers park and playground boxes for sandy fun for kids or varying ages. The boxes come available in square or hexagonal shapes with thick and colorful expanded metal sides. The box offers enough room for several children to play at one time — the sand will not be knocked out of the box thanks to the ledge seats around the edge of the box. The ledge seats have grates in the surface so children won't carry sand out of the box on their shoes, keeping the inside of your car clean when their fun day at the playground ends.

Other benefits of these play boxes from Webcoat include:

• Ledge seats so parents can sit near small children

• Comes in hexagonal or square shapes

• Expanded metal sides won't bow from the weight of sand

• Reinforced seams to keep sand inside box

• Durable and aesthetically pleasing materials for parks and playgrounds

Understanding the need to create durable sandboxes for children that are both safe and fun, Webcoat uses quality materials and craftsmanship to create sturdy boxes that can withstand years of use and changing weather. Functional, durable and beautiful, these boxes will allow for hours and hours of fun — children can imagine they are spending time on a real beach.

Contact Webcoat for Child Play Amenities

Whether you are looking for sandboxes, benches or other childhood amenities, you can purchase the outdoor products from Webcoat. We provide durable products for places such as parks, playgrounds, daycare centers, gardens and other outdoor commercial spaces. Made from quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, every product offered by Webcoat will ensure years of functionality and comfortable enjoyment for all of your guests and visitors at your commercial business or organization.

Contact Webcoat today at 800-505-5101 today so we can begin designing and customizing your outdoor seating area and play space. Create the perfect recreational place for both adults and children.

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